To start or not to start blogging?


As I mentioned in my “First Post,” deciding to start blogging was a difficult decision for me. I was primarily concerned with losing autonomy and not managing my time wisely. However, a couple of sources helped me rethink my concerns and persuaded me to start blogging.

Professional Growth

The first being an ebook, “Recession Proof Graduate”  by Charlie Hoehn. You can get a free copy of the ebook filled with interesting tips here. Hoehn mentions that employers will search your name on the web, so why not have something worthwhile for them to look at that can showcase your skills? Blogging also helps builds connections with other people.

Personal Growth

The most convincing source for me on starting a blog was a short video on author Seth Godin’s blog that can be viewed here. Writing challenges people to think critically and express our thoughts, intentions, and knowledge in a way that other people may understand. As Godin says (among the other reasons), it requires meta-cognition. So even if no one reads my blog, I still benefit.

Records Information for Future Use

Ever been in a situation where you knew there was this fascinating article or resource related to a problem at hand? I sometimes forget interesting facts, websites, or resources that I would like to refer to as well. Rather than having various notebooks floating around, a blog can be a place where the information is not only organized to be easily accessible for future use, but can also be shared for those who would benefit from that knowledge. Additionally, the act of writing and collecting resources increase my chances of remembering that information.

No doubt there are many more reasons to start blogging, but these were the ones that came to mind first. Feel free to share reasons why you should start blogging.


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