What to do in a Car Accident: A check list


Accidents happen, so it is best to be prepared. I recently was in a minor incident and having a checklist was very helpful in recorded important information and thinking clearly. Here is a checklist very similar to the one I had. You can leave this in your car’s glove compartment should the need arise.

Car Accident To-Do List

1. Call for medical help if there are injuries.

2. Call the police if needed. When they come, record the officer’s name and police station address. a. Ask for the case number, when the report will be filled, and how to get a copy.

3. Write down the other driver’s:

a. License Number

b. Address

c. Phone number

d. Insurance policy (at least the company they are with)

e. License plate f. Type of car (model, year, color)

4. The date and time of the crash

5. The location (street and city)

6. Weather and road conditions

7. The direction and speed you and the other driver were going.

8. Description on how it occurred.

9. If possible, take pictures of car damages, even with your cell phone.

10. Also try to get the names and numbers of any witnesses.

It is a lot of information to record, especially if you’re shaken and not thinking clearly. So I highly recommend that you leave paper and pencils in your car with this to-do list to make sure you get all the important information.


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